Dear Soaham


That was abrupt, Soaham. You know, the kind of endings I've always had difficulties swallowing. Which one are you thinking of? Inception? Of course!! I had something like The Departed in mind. You can see that my shock is Billy Costigan times Vincent Vega times million. You are also thinking of About Elly now, aren't you? You would. It was the first movie we watched as bloggers together. Today I would happily embrace the uncertainty of it's ending, hoping that Elly didn't drown. If she did, it should be just as unfair as this. But it really wouldn't. No matter how much those sad film endings hurt us, this hurts way more. No, not even Anand could compare. Though you were definitely as awesome as Anand in you life.

Between our first conversation about Don and our last conversation about Interstellar, I have known you as a crazy film buff, a brilliant mind and a true friend. It was a friendship that I failed when I let things come between us and I regret this immensely. I must admit today that this blog ran as well as it did, till it did, because of you. You were it's soul. You know, I would have never written an article without your push. I needed you to sort out my ideas for me. I will miss that push, Soaham.

I remember our time together during the 2009 PIFF most, along with the time spent watching all the other movies in theaters together. I can remember every one of them. Also, watching and re-watching Gunda and Pulp Fiction. You made that year of my life count. Just as you have made their time with you count for so many of your other friends. Remember our plan to drink for the first time on the New Year's Eve? Then after a call from home warning me against drinking, you wouldn't let me. Just walking around camp and hanging out at Toons, then taking the train to Akurdi meeting your friends and staying over at your hostel was all so exciting. Thank you for those memories.

I feel bad for all the movies that we won't be seeing together. You always overdid those 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehnas' to my byes and now it's you who's left us. I don't like writing this thing, one bit. I hope at least the sprinkling of movie references was to your satisfaction. "Resonance" was what we called it when we thought of the same thing at the same time. There were so many of those. I hope you would have liked me to write this exactly as I have.

For the last three years, we have discussed reviving this blog on and off but we just haven't been able to give it time. The blog has itself seen tough times recently, losing it's domain name and then losing it's favorite creator. There was always the belief, if faint, that some day we will make Q4C much bigger than it is. Q4C was our escape. Discussions about turning it into a production company were only in half-jest.  We may never have done it but the dream was alive. Without you, Soaham, it can't. It is sadly the time to pull the plug on this. This will be our last post.

I'll leave everyone with a chat we had on a random night, reminiscent of the dreams we had for ourselves. I hope it's okay with you.

I love you, man! See you at the Movies!


"But only in their dreams can men be truly free. 'Twas always thus and always thus will be."

A Chat from 1/12/11

me: hey?
 Soaham: hello man!!
  super happy today!!
 me: kaiko?
Soaham: boss
  its symbolic that
  twitter thinks
  is the 10th best film blog
  in the country
me: you just got a mail from yourself?
 Soaham: lol
  i dint get a mail at all
 me: i would personally disagree but wtf
Soaham: hm why so?
  i think we are even above 10
 Soaham: 5-6 something
 me: really
 Soaham: :p
 me: there are hundreds of great blogs
 Soaham: yeah man
 me: and we are only infants
 Soaham: that we are
 but two 19 year olds
 with a strong idea
  of our blog? :P
 me: yes
 Soaham: ameya love, you know what
 me: yes a little
 Soaham: we can take q4c so so far
 me: ameya love u know what?
 Soaham: and we'll do it
  we can take
 q4c very far
 me: yes we will
 Soaham: :)


  1. Well done Ameya !!....I hope you still make it really big....

  2. Ameya, Soaham with an A takled about the differences you had and the subsequent effect on the blog. But as you have known him much longer than me you also know that he was incapable of feeling hatred or of thinking ill of anyone in anyway... I know you know this but I thought it might help to hear it from someone... Do get in touch..

  3. We share your grief Ameya...we're too shocked and numbed for words...where is his family?

  4. What a brilliant, sensitive expression of sentiment....

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