Nikhil Taneja, the founder of the Twi Fi Awards speaks to Cue For Change in an exclusive interview on the recently released nominations for the same! There has been huge buzz and a mixed response about the nominations on Twitter and Facebook. Nikhil opens up on this issue...

Q4C: So the Twi-Fi nominations are finally out! What is your take? Are you happy with the nominations?
NT: Yes of course! I'm proud of the nominations and the fact that we followed our promise of being fair, unbiased and transparent in our process so far is what makes me most happy. At least where I'm concerned, most of the nominees were definitely deserving, and it was only the restriction to the number of nominees, that some missed out!

Q4C: There is a section who do not seem really happy with the outcome of the nominations? What do you think of that?
NT: Well, to be honest, I was very surprised to hear phrases like "epic fail" and "totally disappointed", but one must understand that the awards never claimed that they would shake the world or something when the nominations were out. What we claimed that it would be clean, transparent and democratic. And I think, Twi-Fi has managed to do that 100 percent! Apart from that, if anyone is not happy, I would tell them again that Twi-Fi was never meant to be a "critics award". It has involved everyone at every level, right from the framing to the execution stage, and that's the reason it was created too - to have a process, that involves movie buffs, in trying to come up with the best possible nominations. I've also tried clearing some other doubts people may have in a blog: (click here to read it)

Q4C: But there have been some discrepancies. For example, Nasseruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi's votes got split in the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Category as there was no well defined margin between the two leading to the exclusion of both actors from the more prestigious former category. 
NT: Yes, but thats what the tweet-ups were for. In the country wide tweet ups, we had discussed these things before framing the categories. What is a supporting actor and what is an actor and how different they are, what is the demarcation - all this was discussed and notified in the tweet-up feedbacks! Also the commandments and other inputs given by the team would have helped avoid this discrepancy! Now it was upto the critics and the bloggers to have followed the feedbacks and the commandments. 

But apart from that, the fact that, both the actors missed the Best Actor spot only by a few votes indicates that how fair the procedure was! Also, the worst thing would have been if they both got left out - but they both DID make it in Best Actor In A Supporting Role category... and in my opinion, I think it just says that Vidya Balan was the lead and they both were supporting!

Q4C: How different would be Twi-Fi 2 from this years' event?
NT: You know, Twi Fi Awards was just an idea that 'happened'. It was not a planned thing, so everything that has happened this year has been us taking advise, devising processes and learning how to go about things along the way, through the support of the people. Everything, from the format to the procedures to the nominations were decided by the tweeple! And that is something which every TwiFi to come will surely follow! There may be certain changes, but all that will depend on what post Twi Fi 2010 feedback we receive. Already, we know we have to make a better process for selecting the tweeple jury, and have to make sure that we have a process where we can increase or decrease nominations according to only those who DESERVE. We certainly want to work on being more organized and more punctual :P. And one more thing, if there were any delays or flaws this year, forgive us! It is our first year and we will only learn from our mistakes. 

Q4C: The twitterati has given a mixed reaction to the nominations so far. Some have been very supportive and some have been really aggressively against, including some big shots from major existing awards! What impact do you think  this will have to the future of Twi Fi?
NT: Haha, well, I entirely see this as a positive! While I really thank the guys supporting the outcome and understanding the true intentions behind the awards, I would like to thank all those who said things against the awards, because it truly shows that they CARE. Ultimately, these are your awards, my awards, and OUR awards, and this all shows that people want this to be the very best out there. And we promise, we'll try to be just that!

Q4C: So what is next? Are we having an on ground event or not? 
NT: We're trying to have technical tie ups so we can make sure that we have servers that can support the voting. The technical nominations are also being counted - we have very little resources and everything is being done manually, so that's why it's taking time. The on ground... there are meetings happening every day, and I promise, we are trying to make it happen! End of March is what we are looking at... as long as we have the people's support, it should definitely work out :)

To check out the film nominations, click here, and to check out the nominations in the music category, click here. Follow Twi Fi Awards on Facebook and Twitter

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