In a long, long time, nothing has left us as mesmerized as Abhay Kumar's short film  Just That Sort of A Day. It not only incorporates a beautiful theme, but also presents a unique and non treaded path in film-making. 

The story revolves around the happenings of a given day in the lives of some characters who have no names,no faces. Using basic animation and stick figures, Abhay and his gifted team have pulled off a sheer masterpiece. JTSAD is a story where its characters question the meaning of their lives, they look for the thread that binds their pasts, presents and futures. The fact that none of them have a name or a face, makes it easier for the viewer to associate and relate with the story. The presentation is very simple and the beauty is that it addresses a very complex theme. Rajat Kapoor has rightly said, "This is a film that is as complex as it is simple; and here is a filmmaker who is innovative and  brilliant..."

JTSAD captivates you with its rhythmic progression, serene visuals, amazing narration and brilliant music. There is no doubt that the film would give your day its best fourteen minutes. It cannot be classified in a genre, nor compared to some previous work; it is bold, fresh and path-breaking. As Shekhar Kapur puts it, "... a film maker not afraid of exploring new compelling forms to capture existence as a visual poem ..." Deservingly, JTSAD has done really well in the Film Festival scene being the official selections at Regensburg, Rotterdam and IFFLA!! Also it currently holds a 9.3 rating on IMDb!

The success and reception of JTSAD is not only inspirational to filmmakers all around the country and the world, but just goes on to show that you DO NOT really need capital to make a good film. Belief in your subject, sincerity, innovation and talent can give birth to films like these! 

Cue For Change is proud to announce that it is tying up with college film clubs around the country and screening short films to promote awareness about this not so "celebrated" form of cinema. And we are further happy to say that our first screening is in the capital, New Delhi in a tie-up with Gargi College and we are showing Abhay's film JUST THAT SORT OF A DAY!! Abhay will be present at the event and will be happy to take your questions about the film. For details and to mark your RSVP, go to our event page.


  1. the promo looks pro....i wish i could be there with u guys for its screening.Do let me know.

  2. wow, just saw the film, great work!!!

  3. hey, where can we find the full movie?

  4. @sriram @anonymous: you cannot find the full movie on the net as of now...the maker has not yet made it public...you can catch it in one of our screenings or in some film festival next year.