As we mentioned in the footnote of our post about the short film, Just That Sort of A Day, Cue For Change is now more than a blog on cinema and in fact is trying to establish an offline presence by screening short films around the country! We plan on doing so by tying up with college film societies in India. And what place better than the capital of the country to kick-start the idea? Hence, we tied up with Gargi College in New Delhi an screened Abhay Kumar's brilliant short film, Just That Sort of A Day. 

Stuti Srivastava, the president of Gargi College's film society, Glass Eye, who coordinated the event in NewDelhi, writes about our first ever screening and why was it such a huge success! Read on...

A pretty decent turn-out considering this was our first ever screening

Glass Eye, the film club of Gargi College, had one of its most successful events on 
Wednesday,9th March, when it screened ‘Just That Sort of a Day’, an acclaimed 
short film by Abhay Kumar. This event was held in a tie-up with Cue for Change, 
a Pune based film club (with a very popular film blog by the same name) as a part of 
their collaborations with various college film societies across the country. We are 
proud to say that ours was their first event in Delhi, and an immensely successful one
 at that. We were lucky enough to have the director, Abhay Kumar, grace us with
his presence and make the event a crowd-puller.
After welcoming the director and a short introduction about his film as well as Cue for 
Change, we decided to jump to the screening straight and let his work do the talking. 
It talked, and how! The audience was mesmerised and was left speechless with the 
stunning quality of the film. 

It took a while for everyone to come out of their confounded state of mind while the 
director patiently waited for questions and observations; but once the questions came, 
they came aplenty. 

From the unusual technique of the movie, the inspiration behind it, the parallels to 
modernist methods; to the characterisation, the symbolic references, the universality 
of it all- the audience had some very intricate and interesting questions; and Abhay 
charmed all with his wit and satisfactory responses to each query. As it turned out, the
 girls just couldn’t have enough of it all (yeah, we are an all-girls college, so that 
means a LOT) when they asked for a repeat screening- a first in all our screenings so far! 

Abhay duly obliged us with a second screening followed by another round of stunned 
silences, intense observations, thought-provoking queries, and off course, abundant

The event remained a topic of discussion among the awe-struck audience for long after 
it got over.All in all, this proved to be an enormously satisfying and enjoyable experience
 and the roaring success and student participation was the perfect icing on the cake. 
We send our heart-felt gratitude to Cue for Change, without whose efforts and enthusiasm
 this event would have been impossible; as also Abhay Kumar, for considering us 
important enough an audience to personally come to our college and have an interactive 
session with the students. This event will be etched in our memories forever, that great a
 time we had!

To view more pictures from the event, go to our facebook album

Photos Courtesy, Sunaina Das from Chocolactic Perceptions.

If you want to arrange such an event in the film society of your college, 
then feel free to contact us at cueforchange@gmail.com or through our facebook page.


  1. Great goin Q4C...........
    Hat's off to Stuti Srivastava for organizing the screening in her college........
    A big thank you to Mr.Abhay Kumar for letting Q4C, screen his short masterpiece...
    And congratulations to Soaham Ganguly & Amey Bokil .........!
    Cheers to all of you guys keep the work going on..!

  2. Thank you Vinayak, the pleasure was all mine. Soaham, Ameya and entire team Cue for Change, you people were the ones behind making this event the success it was! And offcourse, Abhay, for making this event so memorable. Cheers, people! :)

  3. Awesome... This is just the start... Good work to all the people involved. :)

  4. Q4C is gna go far ahead.. with suchha a gr8 work :) :) congrats..!!!

  5. Thank you everyone. Keep your support on :)

  6. Great job guys!!
    p.s- Ameya Bokil is sooooo cute.