Winter’s Bone brings somber mood to the Oscar night. The Sundance Film Festival is believed to be the launch pad for independent movies to the Oscars. It is there where Winter’s Bone won the Grand Jury Prize, “setting off with soft explosion” .This has given it enough thrust to make the cut for the nomination list (and most Top 10 movie lists),but not farther.

In the grim mountainous lands of Ozarks, USA lives Ree Dolly, taking up the overwhelming responsibility of two kids and a socially withdrawn mother. The landscape is brutish, the children’s games point to a lifeless picture where Ree is shown taking pains for their survival through poverty. Ree is infact 17 years old and the kids, her

Now Ree has her father to trace else she will lose her house and thrown to the streets with the two kids. As she finds only serious dissuasion on that road, she considers parting from her siblings and prepares the kids for the hard life.

And if Ree does not find her father (drug dealer, deserter, absconder and the guy who put his family in peril), she discovers him in a new light. The end hits with forceful intent, unfortunately it does not hit hard enough we find it for the reason that drama is lacking in the rest of the movie.

Character and performances definitely form the driving forces of the movie. Jennifer Lawrence in such a strong character of a teenager forced to grow up, proves immense potential. John Hawkes is excellent as the uncle Teardrop who stands behind Ree, filling the void left by her father.

The Academy has been know for giving a push to little movies, the two Screenplay categories have been a happy hunting ground for these with Little Miss Sunshine and Juno winning original screenplay in their years. Precious won it the next year for adapted screenplay. It is in this category Winter’s Bone is put. Small chance as The Social Network may walk away with the award. But it is the other Sundance hit, The Kids Are All Right that has a better shot at Best Original Screenplay trophy. Winter’s Bone will probably go the way of the win nothings
like The Wrestler. Hopefully it will do well at the Independent Spirit Awards like the 2008 Aronofsky classic.

The movie is like its protagonist. It is small but shows character even if gives only half the satisfaction.


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  2. haven't seen the movie yet. but the article makes it sound interesting.
    will give it a watch and comment.
    A R B

  3. Thank you man. We sure do recommend this one. Classic.

  4. nice review... i think i will follow this blog :)

  5. GREAT WORK FELLAS... doing good job. That's what is needed. A chilling way to show dark side of nature and the state of poverty in the states. Also the atmosphere, chilling situation amidst the dark woods etc all were related with the ongoing scenes in the movie. A minimal review with its relation with the other related things..
    Nice work

  6. @ Anon- thanks for visiting! keep reading!

    @rait - thanks for the praise. it seems you have seen it! feladeeya!