If Toys Story 3 does not make you want to open the box full of old favorite toys, you probably are heartless.  Such is the impact of Toy Story 3 that it reduces its prequels to preludes. When the original Toy Story came out in  1995, the CGI was new and it impressed the audience. It was followed up by Toy Story 2 in 1999. Having watched
these movies much later when 3D animation had made large advancements, our complaint always was regarding their storylines which suited kids. As teens we could not entirely appreciate these.

Toy Story 3 puts them away with a plot to accommodate anyone who has ever played with toys.  Andy, the little kid from prequels, the owner of our Woody(voiced by Hanks), Buzz(Tim Allen ) and toy gang is soon to leave for college. 17 years old is not a playing with age.  With the feeling of dejection the toy gang find new home in Sunnyside Daycare looking forward to be played with everyday. What do they know of the anarchy that rules the daycare.

The gang now yearning to be reunited with Andy, has to battle the evil “Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear”, Barbie’s wicked boyfriend Ken and others. This middle part is all fun for the kids to whom Disney/Pixar are really selling the movie.  But the adults should get impressed with the emotions that they would identify with. The next part really sees both the movie and the characters home. The toys are now contemplating their future after Andy is off to college. The end comes loaded with surprise and experience a meltdown.

This is only the third animated movie to be nominated in the Best Feature Film Category; it has really made it easy for animation movies to break ranks with the expanded 10 nominations in this category.  If it happens every year, they might as well scrap the Best Animation Movie category. 

It should be noted that the film was released in 3D and that really is the right way to watch the fell good movie of the year.

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