The Allgoods form a happy family made up of a sporty boy, a smart girl, a loving mom and a loving mom…oh wait…So are they? Yes they ARE. Lesbians. And pretty good at that.

At the outset we should tell you, this movie is quite different from your regular gay flick (no vampires :P).  And if The Kids are All Right (hereby known as “TKAAR”) steps away from the usual homosexual themed movies of Hollywood, it is because the changing society has to reflect on the movies that we make. Yet it is because several movies such as Philadelphia, Brokeback Mountain have deviated from norms that the world today comes to the doors of director Lisa Cholodenko’s “post modern” family.

 So this movie is not coming-out-of-the-closet type neither will Cholodenko’s characters fight for their conjugal rights; this movie may in fact bring the death of movies in America that deal with struggles of sexuality. TKAAR is your regular family movie albeit with gay characters. The peculiar constitution of the family has thrown up the conflict. It begins when the kids in the family get in touch with their sperm donor. Paul (Mark Ruffalo) is a cool dude and he gets to the kids fast.  His presence also tests the marriage when he forms physical intimacy with Jules (Julianne Moore) in the role of the “wife” to “husband” Nic (Annette Bening) in this unconventional marriage. Not going into the details, in the end lessons are learnt and conflicts bring family closer (remember how Little Miss Sunshine ends?)

TKAAR is delightful with its subversive humor brought to you by a terrific ensemble cast. The kids played by Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson are also up to the roles. The end brings a little discontent but its an obvious one. 

The movie shows us utopia of free marriage but it is really, dystopian where every couple has to face the same problem regardless of its orientation.  In India, the homosexual characters on celluloid have yet to go through a lot of ordeal. They will face stigma of Philadelphia, tragedy of Brokeback Mountain, more and only then they shall come to the problems of ordinariness that The Kids Are All Right portrays.

These movies can only go together with the gay rights movement and with this movement in India only on the anvil, we have already seen some great movies.  But a successful film movement will require us to overcome our prejudices and an unfair “SICKENING”.

Well, unfortunately neither Bening nor Ruffalo should find their hands on the golden trophy. Seriously guys, Annette Bening should have won it for American Beauty. At the Kodak Theatre on Sunday, TKAAR will also attempt to follow some similarly small and cute movies on “American family values” (Little Miss Sunshine and Juno) on the path to glory in the Original Screenplay Category, it is on this path that it will have to fight off The King’s Speech and it just might win.  


  1. hey Ameya bro.. gud post man.. i liked the movie and of course the screenplay was good. There was neither too much of emotional part nor just casual part (even when in the end its about a family). Nice light kindheartedly watchable movie. I liked the questions it raised on the topic marriage.. like almost eighteen years after Jules and Nic's marriage, there comes a situation when Jules wanted to have some nice time with Paul, the relation which she was not getting from Nic may be...and so as Paul who was unmarried and who used to date sometimes now wants to settled down with Jules. Anyways nice review although I expected the end of the Movie to be little different, but it o.k. (although they should have showed something about Paul in the end). And also I think it has fair chances for Oscar. Once again Nice movie and Very Nice review too...

  2. Thanks for commenting! the problems that the characters face, can be true for any heterosexual couple. so the orientation of the characters has something else to say.
    yes the ending is a little disappointing, Paul having cast aside is surprising but he was not central to the theme just a catalyst.
    thanks again. keep encouraging us!

  3. Its an unusual review but the generalization and conclusions you guys make on the basis of a film are always great to read! muy bien!!!!