A fantastic initiative started by MTV Creative and Digital Content Editor Nikhil Taneja to honor the really deserving Hindi movies of 2010, TWEEPLE FILM AWARDS or as it is cutely called Twi-Fi Awards seems really promising. It is high time that our perception on cinema changed drastically and truly well made films got what they deserved.

Cue For Change was started with similar intentions and hence we fully support Nikhil's idea and will do our best so that the idea is implemented fantastically. A fair jury will be deciding nominations for various categories and the people on twitter, or the Twiteratti will vote to the handle Twi_Fi_Awards and the winner in each category will be selected.

A very fair and open system it is and we are sure it would honor the real bests of the Hindi Film Industry. We request our reader "please please please spread the word and promote this event as much as you can...Tweet, Share on Facebook, Blog and use every medium you have to bring in more and more people into this e-event."

Join us in this march which is probably the best step taken in a long time, towards a Film-fair awards :)

Follow Twi-Fi Awards on Twitter and join its Facebook Fan Page 

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