Karan Johar's Dharma Productions' is making, oops, remaking Stepmom into some Bollywood high-budget September disaster. We saw the opportunity to fool around with the whole ROFL potential-concept and guess who came to oblige us in the presentation? None other than Kanti Shah with the cast of his Z-grade classic cult film Gunda!

Inspired by a @shutupsajid tweet. Well don't find him- he does not exist on twitter anymore...RIP :P


  1. Beta, humara naam mention toh kar do. Twitter se toh hum chal basein... Yeh meri aakhri nishaani... *chokes*

  2. Pita ji, I have hyperlinked the tweet itself, which does mention you....

    but anyways big honor to have your comment on our blog @shutupsajid !

  3. Son, I passed away on twitter a while back, and I presume, so did my tweet. Isliye guzaarish ki mention ki, because the link is no longer valid. Jeete raho, while my aatma finds new grounds to haunt on the internet!

  4. Are you trying to scare me with all that aatma thing? I am brave, I sat alone through Phoonk and Phoonk 2(ROFL).

    Fine, I will make a change to the post...dint know you were a twitter quitter...


  5. well saved from a disaster ......
    money well saved by not buying a ticket for it....

  6. Punar Janam! Drumroll please... I'm back. @buttupsajid. BTW, you seem to be following a fake Anurag Kashyap (who is now aggressively trying to concinve everyone that he is the real deal- his fake film festival tweets are hilarious!). See you back on twitter, my brave friend.