Of course we remember this is a blog on cinema, so we tell you upfront that this is NOT a movie related post, instead, this is a result of a recent phone conversation we had on the fucked up current affairs of things in our country. We can summarize the conversation in the form of these points;

1. About the CWG organizing committee
Relax! We are not going to start all over again with the condition of the games village, the non participation of athletes, the falling of ceilings and bridges, the massive corruption or the violation of labor laws, etc. etc. because we know you have been hearing, reading and talking of it the whole day. And anyways the best person to tell you about all this is @gkhamba. We move on to the next point, which according to us is more relevant;
2. How our own Media ensured NO Olympics till 3000 A.D. in India
Liberalization of the Media- the greatest step in our nation’s progress, yeah right! With jobless channels like Aaj Tak and India TV on one hand showing “Kalyug ke Teen Raam” and “Swarg Ka Shortcut” type EXCLUSIVE REPORTS and the sophisticated English ones telecasting sophisticated nonsense on the other, we all know how efficient the media is. The current state of the Indian media explains why Raju Shrivastava’s popularity has plummeted and INDIA TV’s TRP gone up at the same time.
Coming to the point, YES, the CWG organizing committee has been insanely corrupt as we all have seen and heard, but after all is it really correct to run on air the smallest of flaws and mistakes and create such a negative aura of the event throughout the country and the world? It is because of these news reports, articles and tweets that India’s global image has been deeply fucked! The media and in fact we all should understand, that the success of any event depends on the people as much as it depends on the government. Sitting and criticizing would do no good. Pointing fingers is the easiest job, getting your hands dirty is the toughest!
Like a sophisticated English channel journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted on 23rd September,

10,000 crore plus spent on cwg. and yet who is saving the games? daily wage labourers who are cleaning games village. Gnight

(What the fuck you expect ? Kalmadi or Sheila Dikshit to clean it up themselves? Who cleans your house Sardesai? Ambani? Give me a break hypocrite)

Our own media should definitely bring out the truth but try its best not to tamper the national pride and asmita if you may. For freaking TRPs and competition amongst each other if the media houses fuck around with the country’s global image and more importantly the truth, then to HELL WITH LIBERALIZATION we say!
3. India can’t pull off a China, SA, Canada or a UAE
South Africa successfully hosted the football world cup recently even when it was not even sure of qualifying into the competition. Canada and UAE have hosted cricket tournaments even before their teams qualified to be a part of the ICC. By this rationale what’s wrong if India wants to pull off CWG even though its sporting infrastructure is very poor? Well, SA, Canada and UAE are developed nations, with a prosperous economy and at least for SA and UAE, hosting international events and the resulting tourism contributes a major share in the country’s economic growth. None of this is true for India.
Let’s face it. India is a developing nation. And hoping that the condition of sports would improve if they hosted a CWG is plain stupidity. India is not China that it can spend madly to host a successful Olympics and boost their economy and the lifestyle of the whole country. Sheila Dikshit, already, could point out ONLY the pedestrian walks, the green buses and the good roads as the advantages of hosting the CWG!
Wow, we spent more than 2.5 billion USD to just make a bloody footpath that too in a small point on the country’s map called New Delhi! Bravo!
4. Two Sports in India: Cricket and others
Yes. Sports in India can be majorly divided into two categories; Cricket and Others. While we hosted successful 1987 and 1996 Cricket World Cups, we are fucking it up when it comes to the CWG. We could make billions out of a fantasy called IPL, twice and more to come, yet will probably get strangled by loses after the CWG. Four months later, the Cricket WC 2011 will be a major and successful tournament and will see participation of 14 cricketing nations around the world, yet next month, not many athletes would turn up for the CWG. Yes, we have made it that way. While the cricketers live lavishly and endorse products ranging from automobiles to undergarments, most other sportsmen cannot afford the former and can hardly afford more than two pairs of the latter(true story).
5. The Ayodhya Verdict
Before any international sporting event, the country hosting it is filled with an aura of national pride and integrity. While on one hand the media ensured the killing of the pride part, the declaration of the Ayodhya verdict on the other hand will definitely affect the integrity.
One of us received this provocative forwarded message from a lot of people which had a line , “Jo Hindu Ram Ka Nahi, Who Hindu kisi Kaam Ka Nahi” (The Hindu which cannot stand for Ram, isn’t of any use)
Whatever the verdict may be, the integrity would get affected. And THAT can be a major spoiler of the CWG 2010 in more ways than you can ever imagine :(
I hope, somehow, the two major communities stand by each other in the toughest of times and not repeat the mistakes made by both in the past.
Shah Rukh Khan’s tweet on 24th September;

i hope we indians realize how difficult it is to build stadiums & respect & so easy to break monuments & disrespect each others’ beliefs.

PS: And about all the talk of corruption in the CWG: A.R. Rahman needing 5 crore rupees and six months to make a pathetic track, isn't that suspicious too?


  1. i believe that even the mention of the CWG OC is not required given that kalmadi is the one answerable here like in every privatised setup. One party answers all while others work under it...uncomplicates stuff for our government. What you forget in this scenario is that unlike BCCI the government gave the entire charge to another "government employee" and not a private firm like GMR (when they could develop the NCR with such elan i doubt building and maintaining a few stadiums and a village would've been hard fr them), a simple auction 4-5 years ago for the developmental rights could've saved us the shame.

    on ur slightly cheeky IPL dig, well, circket as a sport is definitely given the highest priority but who can blame them??(i cant believe i'm saying this being a footy fan :/) its a cricket crazy nation and the sport is the highest grossing sport in the country today making BCCI the richest board in the world! so a monumental task like IPL, when privatised yields perfect results...its all aboout thinking with a broader and slightly "result-oriented" mindframe.

    as for ur thoughts on our media, i agree with u that we probably have one of the most obnoxious media circuit in the world today but i strongly believe that had it not been the media nagging, prodding and poking kalmadi's money-filled bummy over the last few months, a couple of "stadiums" would've collapsed by now. need i remind u of the australian sting???

    lets not blame our media for making us "olympic-free", cuz its all over the world and we are far from hosting a successful olympics or CWG given the internal issues of terrorism, communal disharmony and the latest kashmir issue too...lets just say our hands are always a bit too full eh?

    i guess finally its a change in the attitude which is pivotal and dick-heads like rehman need to realise that wen u do smthn for ur country u can do it for free u knw! so well until that happens...onto the next fiasco people!!

    PS: the indian and south african economies are not that far apart in the HDI and in the longer run its us who are a far more stable economy than them. so it isn't down to the economy but basic man-management that has let us down.

    a good read nevertheless... :)

  2. apologies for the extremely long comment :/

  3. thats not a long comment, its an entire post and we really encourage such frank feedback.

    India and SA economies may not differ much, but as we mentioned, SA is far more dependent on the tourism industry than India and that was the basic point.

    Media, well certainly a free media is encouraged and necessary, but it has probably gone too too far in misusing its freedom....

    About the cricket part, well yeah we know the population of India if it has done something good is that by making BCCI world #1 in revenue and power...but again other sports, including football have tremendous scope and talent but sadly no infrastructure. Our point addresses THAT issue.

    And A.R Rahman? Fuck him

  4. agreed totally actually............
    cricket is the only game given importance in india..and cwg has already becum a big flop.......india s reputation is really goin down nw...ppl are actually returnin the tickets..and the players dun wanna play ovr here anymre..
    tthe australians..have callled ppl frm outside for the cleansin of their rooms..dats really big shame fr india........

  5. *seriously. but hope we pull it off somehow. Positive reports have started coming. And anyways, India is good at last moment jugaad. lets see..

    *Hans Zimmer is doing the background score for SRK's Ra.One and is charging 2 crores. And AR Rahman needs 5 crores for a fucked up song.

  6. Hi there,

    Thanks for commenting on my post at The NRI. It seems like we have a very similar outlook on the situation. I think the response to the CWG is emblematic of an all-too-apparent attitude here in India whereby people simply throw their hands up in defeat rather than taking any pride or responsibility in what they can do, both as individuals and as a community. I would love to see people think in a different, more positive way - something silly like inviting unhappy Games Village residents to come and have dinner in their home for a night, or something. Such a small shift in thinking can make such a huge difference.


    Got a similar outlook towards the issue...
    Indeed, Media has really gone toooo faaar this time......
    Sensationalizing and desensitizing the audience to the core...!
    I hope CWG doesn't turn out to be as disastrous as it's been portrayed !

  8. @jdanspsawyksui: Very nicely put there.

    @arundhati: Sensationalizing and desensitizing. Perfectly said.

  9. Awesome post,,nice work and thoughts,

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  12. Loved your post, I was expecting some thrashing and ranting (as was public reaction at that time, pre-games) but the post was surprisingly positive. Valid points about the media's role in the whole fiasco. Let us hope the Olympics are not as far away as 3000 AD... the CWG was not a disaster, far from it.