Of course we remember this is a blog on cinema, so we tell you upfront that this is NOT a movie related post, instead, this is a result of a recent phone conversation we had on the fucked up current affairs of things in our country. We can summarize the conversation in the form of these points;



Well, Salman Khan ha? A spoilt superstar laden with a fake anglicized Bandra English accent, son of one of the most fantastic Bollywood screenwriters Salim Khan, in the headlines sometimes for his unheard and extravagant and mad acts of kindness and philanthropy (Being Human) and sometimes for criminal acts ranging from ramming cars and killing people and sometimes killing rare wildlife species...and passing irresponsible, ignorant and pointless comments on the 26/11 tragedy…also known for his pathetic choice of signing films, with a filmography that is half filled with nonsensical entertainers (or not), in which whatever character he plays, he is essentially the Sallu Bhai that he always is…will sport that bracelet of his irrespective of who he is playing…will throw tantrums on sets…also known for his forties' singlehood and crazy, possessive lover image…known for picking fights with other superstars(SRK) and stars(John) and not so much stars (Vivek) which transforms mostly to enmity…and also known as a true friend and godfather (Blame him for Himesh Reshammiya :P)...well the list seems to be endless apparently…But in spite of all these highs and lows, none can deny that he is a SUPERSTAR and he is not only followed by millions, but loved too…



Hatred takes people away from each other and closer to self-destruction
And every act of terror the world has ever faced has incepted hatred, has split people and has done worse for world peace. The 9/11 was probably the strongest such inception of hatred the world has ever seen. Everyone knows 9/11 was not just hundreds of instant deaths or the felling of an architecturally brilliant structure. The so called 'feat' of those terrorists was not in making a complete joke of the defense of the strongest country in the world either, but was in making a joke of every attempt made thereafter towards achieving world peace and cultural unity.
The social impact this event had, is something the world would keep witnessing at various levels for don’t know how many decades to come. Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind this act has become the poster boy of terror throughout the globe. Whether he is alive or dead or whatever is no more important, what is important is what he has given birth to- hatred; an immortal bitch.



Karan Johar's Dharma Productions' is making, oops, remaking Stepmom into some Bollywood high-budget September disaster. We saw the opportunity to fool around with the whole ROFL potential-concept and guess who came to oblige us in the presentation? None other than Kanti Shah with the cast of his Z-grade classic cult film Gunda!

Inspired by a @shutupsajid tweet. Well don't find him- he does not exist on twitter anymore...RIP :P