No we are not as shallow and jobless as Star News that we run a whole one hour show or in our case write a whole article based on a couple of celeb tweets. But yes there are some tweets which you really cannot ignore. Have a look at this one yourself;

All you want to do after reading such stuff is ROFL. Apart from ROFL, we also want RGV to know what we actually feel about him. Thus, we enclose this letter

Dear Ram Gopal Varma,

We would like to start this off by mentioning two things that we feel after we read this tweet.

First, get your facts right- Goodfellas wasn’t made in the 70s. It is a Martin Scorsese 1990 film.

Second, what the fuck do you think of yourself? In no doubts is Satya one of the greatest films made anywhere around the world, but you yourself bragging about it shows that you have either become a pompous pimp or an insecure bastard. We say, you have become both.

Anyways, Satya owes its brilliance equally to the Anurag Kashyap – Saurabh Shukla screenplay and the gritty scores and songs by Vishal Bharadwaj and Sandeep Chowta as it owes to your great direction (which by the way is a thing of the past).

If we were in the first half of the last decade now, we would not dream of writing this letter to you. Then were your golden days, days when you definitely had an eye for true talent. Be it launching the great southern Mohanlal (multiple national award winning actor), be it giving Vivek Oberoi what he truly deserved, be it working with Anurag Kashap and Vishal Bharadwaj or be it giving Urmila Matondkar some films she could be proud of, you did have an eye for talent, no doubt.

In 1995, Rangeela gave you the perfect entrance to Bollywood. Three years later, you gave Bollywood one of its best ever films, Satya. Easily your best work too, this film showcased the underbellies of Mumbai and portrayed the gangster life too brilliantly. You must be really proud of your gangster trilogy (Satya, Company,and D), so are we.

What fucked you up then? Your films were doing well in the box office too. Clearly, you became the symbol of gangster films; probably that was what you did not like. You wanted to be versatile ha? Versatility if natural can make one a Leonardo da Vinci, and if forced, it can go as bad as a Himesh Reshammiya!

You drifted from your usual gangster, neo-noir stuff, and ventured into different genres with Jungle, Mast , but the real disaster came when you did a horror flick with Urmila Matondkar and quite simply, called it Bhoot.

Bhoot might have given you some commercial success, but it took away the cult status you had then. What followed was a series of forgettable films and some unforgettably bad films(probably tumpar Bhoot savaar hua tha). I would not waste time and space describing their badness, as they are pretty much 'self-explanatory'. When the wife makes bad sambar, husband says, ‘ew this sambar is Shiva

This phase in your filmography can be best described as Naach, Shiva, Darna Zaroori Hai, Nishabd, Contract, Darling…aah need to stop, head is spinning. This was the time when you believed Randeep Hooda was your answer to Al Pacino and Priyanka or Nisha or whatever Kothari was the next Angelina Jolie!
While your shot at bringing Mario Puzo’s novel onto the dynamics of Bombay politics with Sarkar was brilliant, you followed it up with a pathetic sequel in Sarkar Raj.

And hey! Should we even talk about Phoonk, Phoonk 2 and Agyaat? We know this letter is to bang you bad, but we are human too and we want to save you further embarrassment. Are we still missing out on something? OMG! We forgot to mention your greatest achievement ever, Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag. With this one film you put Indian cinema right onto the global map and Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag made history by featuring in IMDb’s Bottom 100 at a “prestigious” #12! It is still there!!

You ought to understand this RGV; we would not have cared to give you this space on our blog, if we thought you were a bad filmmaker. We won't write anything to Sajid Khan even if he makes 100 Housefulls and Heyy Babyys. But for you we give this space because we feel you have it in you to be a part of the wonderful revolution Indian Cinema is seeing right now.

After making Satya if you are not mentioned at all in the top Indian directors whilst actively making films, it is a big shame for you. We understand the insecurity and frustration which you might experience everyday seeing Indian cinema and your protégés (Kashyap, Shimit Amin,etc) do so well.But you have all the resources to make a great film, so where is that correct script? It will take more than a predictable Rann to change this disastrous run to a dream one. Also clinging on to Amitabh Bachchan and making him do long monologues would not help if your script is not well built. Picking fights with Karan Johar is not going to help at all, he’s making a hell lot of money to have the time to bother about you.

You need yourself Ramu. You need that passion which you in your schooldays had. When you bunked classes in engineering school and saw a dozen films a week, that passion. You are too big to make weird tweets like that which celebrate yourself without context. You make a good film, we and thousand others will tweet about your greatness. You need to come out of these complexities which failure has gifted you over the years. Best of luck with that Ramu, Get well soon!
Thanking You,
Yours honestly,
PS: We really think and hope, you are making your comeback with the two parts of Rakta Charitra and we will concede it to you that you are right about the inception part!


  1. Yeah!!!take a break n bring out d best in u RGV....rathr than releasin crap all d tym....

  2. I agree with the whole thing!...kudos to you !!..'n hats off for conceding the part about inception....we truly aren't gonna get to see anything of that level considering the trash bollywood tries to keep feeding us

  3. hey great job guys! i really hope RGV comes to his senses n again makes movies worth watching, n he just might prove the bit about inception wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the "you need urself ramu" line was the best :P seriously.. watever got into this guy ! anyways.. we all do hope .. he gets well soon :) gud work n u brought up a gud topic!

  5. Stop bitching. Start shooting if u can !

  6. Rakhta charithra is coming... Well story itself is a true story with very high potential. And rgv has always made duds
    Along with some great movies before rangeela itself. Be it kshank ksanam or shiva or money etc etc... He is always like that. And I never understand obsession of bloggers like u who want to change him.

  7. @vijayeta: yes thats exactly our motive.

    @karthik: well Bollywood is no more 'all-trash' buddy, but i agree that it cant match up to the genre inception is in, in v long time.

  8. @deepanwita: it will take some transformation for the man who made Phoonk to make an Inception

    @smriti: thanks:)

  9. @vodka: loved the way u put it :)

    @mithun: to be honest,we havnt seen pre-RANGEELA RGV films, but even if they were bad, the curve for a good director is always an increasing one, for RGV sadly its been a 'bell-curve'.

  10. wat RGV said is upto him, y yu people shuffling yur shoulders. possible try to be in his shoes and work around... ahh. datz nor possible...pity yu guyz

  11. @pri: thanks :)

    @maruti: good film making is what we desire.... when we have the camera we would make good films and when we dont have it we will urge others to make good films...thats the social responsibility we have taken up and not of going into others' shoes. thank you

  12. I can feel you there. :)

    Here's something I'd written about Ramu some time back.


  13. @Bollyfan: liked your site- thank you so much for visiting us.

  14. Ask RGV to spin his tottem and check if he is still in a dream.I wudnt be surprised if it kept on spinning.......

  15. i agre wid wt u say...a lil harsh bt ur rite...i actualy 4gt dt der wr muvis...d 1s u listd out...sad 2 c him go dwn lyk dt...lts hpe 4 d best...n i cnt say prepare 4 d wrst...wrst ws rgv ki aag...if he mks nethng pathetic dan dt den...m speechless...amen.. :P

  16. in a recent tweet he said, he is remaking sholay again!! god save us....it wud be fun if the same director makes two movies remaking a legendary movie, and both feature in IMDb's bottom 100!!

  17. Its a nice and befitting piece, but here's a small FYI for the person who wrote this post...RGV didn't venture into Bollywood with Rangeela...It was Shiva in 1989. It had Nagarjuna in the lead. One of the best campus caper in Bollywood history. And it wasn't a love story but an action thriller. So before you take a dig on his 'Godfellas' knowledge...just get a bit of your facts right. And Bhoot was good compared to what followed after it.