In our previous article we talked of how international acclaim can be best attained through making cinema that is as local as possible. Udaan is the most recent fantastic example of this fact.
Being officially selected to compete in the ‘Un Certain Regard’ category in the 2010 Cannes Film Festival speaks enough about the international accolades this film received.
The story kicks off in Shimla where four guys are expelled from Bishop Cotton as they indulged themselves in Angoor by Kanti Shah (Gunda, Loha….God!)
at a theatre where they were caught by their warden, a certain Rathore who was himself making out with some chick in the backseat. For the three others being expelled is the start of a new fun life- for the protagonist Rohan (Rajat Bramecha, fabulous), it is the beginning of a dark age.
Udaan follows the story of Rohan- an aspiring writer who gets caught up in a life even his fairy tale villains wouldn’t dream of. After being expelled from school, Rohan comes back home to Jamshedpur to live with his father (Ronit Roy, unseen excellence). A father whom he is meeting after a span of 8 years and a 6 year old step-brother of whom he did not ever know.
The utterly depressing character of the father and his even more depressing actions and the subtle rays of hopes form the journey of Rohan. The beauty of the narration is that unlike 3 Idiots, Wake up Sid or any such youth issue film, it doesn’t strive to set things alright or impose an end…
Certainly this is a very impressive debut for director Vikramaditya Motwane. Making a film that is technically sound, emotionally deep and aptly dealing with a philosophically endless theme in your first is truly commendable. Co-written and produced by Anurag Kashyap, don’t really have words for him- Master of Cinema,may be. Amit Trivedi gives you yet another album that would stay in your iPod forever.
Udaan brings out an Indian issue to the world by showing you that beautiful cinematography can be achieved even when you shoot steel factories and empty streets of a small city Jamshedpur. While most Indian films depress with that ‘trying to be international’ element in them, we are glad that films like Wake up Sid, Luck by Chance,Ishqiya and Love Sex aur Dhoka, in recent times have told ‘Indian’ stories to the world and have got their share of accolades.
We at Q4C believe that this is the direction our film industry had been long searching for. Our appeal to all filmmakers and enthusiasts – follow in their footsteps and make history for Indian cinema.


  1. seems like a gud movie fr sure..the second last para surely tells so.. will watch.! :)

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  3. i am nw seriously thinkin of goin 4 udaan...:)...i wasnt previously...thnx!

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  7. udaan ws ws undoubtedly d best bollywud films in d recent tyms....sad it cudnt colct a lota mny bt hey such muvi mkin commnd respect n applause...waitin 4 ur review on aisha tho... :P