Apologies to start with; commitments here and there did not allow either of us to find a suitable topic to discuss with you all. This article was supposed to be published on or before Father's Day...so further apologies that we are terribly late...Still, we hope you would connect with us, whilst we share with you, our thoughts on this heavenly bond of a father and his child... of course, some beautiful cinema in the backdrop!

Raavan recently released and got terrible reviews from all around. Listening to terrible criticism about his son's film on twitter, Sr. Bachchan took charge of the situation and this morning, he is continuously posting links to every possible good review on the internet. This, howsoever lame, is a true example of how much fathers care. They shield their child from all odds and to the best they can.

Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella) (1997), a classic, on how a Jewish maƮtre'd, with the help of his humour wins a German woman during the times of war; touche. But what seriously brings out those drops of tears in the viewer's eye is the fact that he uses the same humour to save his son in a Nazi prison camp. Out of the numerous touching scenes between the father and son, certainly the one in which Giosue, the son, hides in a bin for a whole night, his eyes searching for his father, whilst the firing and killing goes on, is the most shaking...

On similar lines I would mention the third in the Apu Trilogy, Apur Sonsar(1959)...where a man struggling in his life, loses his wife to childbirth and refuses to even see his son, the cause of his beloved's death as he sees it...revisits his son after years when he is a young playful naughty lad living with his maternal grandparents. Certainly one of Ray's masterpieces, he carves marvellously the emotions of both father and son and the triumph of love above all...the imaginary sketch of a "father" drawn by the young and also the imaginary sketch of his "son" drawn by the father and the dynamics after they meet is very beautifully done...

The film that inspired Ray into film making is also coincidentally a film based on the relationship of a father and a son. We are talking about the 1948 Italian classic, Ladri di Biciclette(Bicycle Thieves), which without a strain of doubt is a masterpiece. A lower middle class man's only means of employment, his bicycle, is stolen and the film follows the journey the man and his little son set out on in their pursuit to find the bicycle and the thieves. Various post world war II and more importantly, human emotions are portrayed through subtle sequences and characters.

In more recent times, The Road (2009) by John Hillcoat is a touching fight for survival of a father and a son in a post-apocalyptic era.

Kramer Vs Kramer (1979) and its Indian remake Akele Hum Akele Tum (1995) are examples of films which show single fathers protecting their son against all odds.

And again on similar lines how can one forget Will Smith's best, The Pursuit for Happyness(2006). Based on a true story of Christopher Gardener, this film has certainly touched a lot of hearts. His touching story where he and his son are pushed to the streets after he loses everything after his wife leaves him. His struggle and then momentary triumph after he lands in a firm as a stockbroker trainee(no pay). Gabirele Muccino transforms this real life story to on-screen magic with a fantastic performance by Smith and his real life son. A story of struggle, a story of dedication, a story of love and certainly a story of triumph!

This was our attempt at giving you, in our own way, an assortment to the taste of this divine bond that binds us to our father. 'Father' is not just a name to a vital relation we all have, but it is more importantly, a feeling...an emotion...which ensures us we are safe, shielded and protected from all possible hardships. 'Father' is our first and our last hero...a symbol of pride...the teenager son's friend...the pamperer of the daughter...and in the words of Wordsworth, "Father!!!- To God himself we cannot give a holier name!"


  1. HEY ULTIMATE!!!!! WEL SAID....especially D LAST LINE!!!!!

  2. amazing stuff boss.. another movie that comes to my mind is the godfather(I).. kind of brings out the beauty of an estranged father son relationship...or for that matter "into the wild"-- but that one i guess covers the entire spectrum of parent(both mother and father)-child relatnship

  3. oops..must say i missed out on "godfather I "....it certainly is a fantastic example of this theme...

    well said abt "into the wild", yet i would always connect with it by the theme of adventure...

    Into the wild's basic message is that of course the nature's lap is more beautiful than the dynamics of the society, but it is also true that human is a "social" animal and howsoever diligent he be, it is impossible for him to survive alone....

  4. hey this article is beautiful!u guys r really great!and yes the last line takes the cake!